BMW Tyre Pressures

BMW Tyre Pressures

Tyre pressures are one of the often overlooked items on your BMW. How many times have you arrived at the service station only to find that there is a long line or the Tyre pressure machine simply doesn’t work? It has happened to all of us.

Most late model BMW and MINI vehicles are Factory fitted with Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres, which are designed to allow you to still drive safely when the vehicle has a puncture, although at a reduced speed. We do recommend for owners to monitor the condition of the tyre during their trip, regularly inspecting for cuts, cracks or obvious excessive wear.

PressureNormally the vehicles tyre pressure monitoring system will detect the leak and alert the driver of the need to have your tyres checked by a BMW service centre, but this is only there for emergencies and shouldn’t be relied on. Monthly checking of your vehicles tyre pressure is very important.

During your vehicles service the team at Stokes And Renk will adjust your tyre pressures according to the tyre wear on your vehicle, and make any recommendations on the correct tyre pressure for your BMW or Mini.

If you require replacement tyres, the team at Stokes And Renk Perth can help. We offer the latest in performance tyres including tyres from Bridgestone, Dunlop, Continental and many others. Contact the team on 08 9381 1155 to see how we can assist.

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Benefits of inflating your tyres to the correct pressure.

  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Improved vehicle stability and performance. Safer under braking and less likely to loose control, especially in wet weather conditions
  • Improved Tyre life. Under will shorten your vehicles Tyre life
  • Improved steering feel

When choosing what pressure to inflate your BMW Tyres to, there are many important items to consider. These include tyre size, driving style and vehicle load.

We would recommend to increase tyre pressure above the standard pressure if you drive in the following conditions:

  • City driving
  • Sporty or Aggressive driving style
  • Long trips with the vehicle fully loaded

We recommend setting the tyre pressures as listed on your vehicles tyre placard if you are driving in the following conditions:

Long, smooth flowing highway driving with the vehicle empty

Often tyre pressures are listed on the vehicle tyre placard. This can be found in various locations in your BMW or MINI including your vehicle owners handbook.

We would recommend the following BMW tyre pressures:

  • 17″ or above wheels 38 PSI Front and Rear
  • 17″ or above Run Flat Tyres 38 PSI Front and Rear
  • 15″ to 17″ 36 – 38 PSI Front and Rear depending on driving style
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