BMW and MINI Run Flat Tyres Specialist


Here at Stokes and Renk we specialise in fitting Run Flat and high performance low profile tyres to your vehicle.


Whether it be the latest Bridgestone Potenza, or a Bridgestone Dueler the team at Stokes and Renk can cater to all your tyre-fitting needs. Our staff are also trained run flat tyre-fitting specialists, accredited by all major tyre manufacturers including Bridgestone and Continental.

Official Bridgestone Run Flat Tyre Website

We stock a large range of BMW specific Bridgestone tyres, including Run Flat tyres to help you get back on the road sooner.

We can also supply and fit Dunlop, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Yokohama, and many more premium quality tyres.


Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres

Introducing Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres

Run Flat tyres (RFT) represent the most up-to-date in a lengthy line of safety initiatives being made accessible today. Just as anti-lock brake systems, traction control, stability control and air bags have become standard equipment, so will Run Flat Tyres.

An onboard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in installed on all late model BMW and Mini vehicles that feature Run Flat tyres as standard equipment. The TPMS works by measuring the wheel speed of each individual wheel, through the ABS system. It then calculates any difference between each of the tyres on the vehicle. If there is a sudden change of wheel speed on one tyre on the vehicle then the tyre pressure warning light is illuminated to warn the driver of the possible flat tyre.

During your vehicle service the team at Stokes And Renk Subiaco adjust the tyre pressures on your vehicle and re-calibrate the tyre pressure monitoring system. Instructions and tyre pressure recommendations can be found on our Tyre Pressure Recommendation Page


BMW’s Z4 usage RE050 Run Flat tyres as original equipment

Look at the safety advantages delivered by Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres. In the event of a sudden deflation, automobile stability is maintained and as a result control of the vehicle. The dangers linked with changing tyres at the roadside must additionally not be underestimated.

Anyone that has actually had the inconvenience to change a tyre in peak hour traffic on the side of the Mitchell Freeway recognizes exactly what it’s like to feel unsafe. Changing your tyre at the side of a narrow road on sloping ground at night and in heavy rainfall with semi-trailers streaming past at 100km/h is no less disconcerting.


Run Flat Tyres save weight by getting rid of the need to carry a spare tyre

RFT also provide more comfort and convenience for the vehicle driver. Within the specified rate and distance limitations (normally 80 km/h for approximately 80 km), the motorist can easily either complete their trip or trip to the following qualified service station without the concern of having to complete a tyre change. This means vehicle occupants can carry on journeying to an important engagement, even when tyres are deflated.

An added advantage is that RFT often saves weight by doing away with the need to carry an extra tyre. Of course, the free of cost space developed by removing the classic spare tyre provides the vehicle maker extra style possibilities and offers even more cargo storage area.