Things You Need to Know About Audi repair
To maintain your car at the highest standards, trustworthy and reliable independent Audi professionals are needed to service your car.

European car specialists who deal with Audi repairs should be the focus point of those who need high and better performance of their vehicles. Specialists like Stokes and Renk Subiaco.

Stokes and Renk will provide you with the care you and your car need and deserve. At a fraction of an expense, we have Audi mechanics that have dealer level expertise and are trustworthy.

When Should You Call Stokes and Renk?

OIL PRESSURE LIGHT: When the oil pressure light flickers, you know that there is a problem ahead of you. Lack of oil pressure in the Audi engine can lead to a major problem. Checking and repair may be needed urgently. Normally all engines lose a little oil pressure over time, but sudden oil pressure loss, regardless of the car’s mileage, is an indication something is seriously wrong — you need to call Stokes and Renk.

It’s always a good idea to regularly check your car oil level. If you find your car oil is lower than it should be there might be some leakages or burning. Adding oil may temporarily remedy this problem but it may recur after a short time. Leaking oil may need new gaskets or seals to fix it. Burning oil may be caused by worn out seals and valve guides. Like any other Audi repair, this needs to be done by an Audi repair professional like Stokes and Renk.

DON’T WASTE TIME WITH AMATEURS: Audi experts should be the only option to check modern day engines with hydraulic lifters, tight tolerance bearings and miniature oil filters in order to make sure that the oil pressure is properly maintained.

BRAKE PROBLEMS: Never take chances with your brakes. Make sure your brakes are checked as soon as you notice any abnormality in the brake system. Your eyes and ears are the best things to use when inspecting your brake system plus your brakes’ efficiency when using your car.

Bring your Audi to Stokes and Renk for an inspection of the brake rotors, pads, brake drums and brake shoes. When our brake experts are checking your vehicle brake system, you can be certain that he has checked out the brake calipers, wheel cylinders, hose and the fittings that are in your vehicle to make sure that there are no leakages.

Our professional experts will also inspect the master cylinder, the reservoir and the proportioning valve assemblies as well.

Squeaking, rhythmic noise and constant brake noise is never good for your vehicle. Always contact us the minute you become aware of any of these signs of trouble. Never delay to attend to your cars brake problems, since the longer you delay, the more chance of an accident and the more you might end up paying for the repairs.

TAPPET NOISE: The tappet noise that you may hear in your Audi engine can turn out to be major problem in your vehicle. It’s usually advisable to consult your Audi repair expert at this point when you notice any unfamiliar noise.

No matter what the symptom, the best “doctor” to fix your Audi will be found at Stokes and Renk BMW Service in Subiaco. Book a service today or contact us using our handy contact form today!