Genuine BMW 92 AH AGM battery is a direct replacement for all 90AH AGM batteries. Superior Genuine BMW quality and reliability.


High performance Genuine BMW battery. Recommended for all BMW vehicles with IBS and mandatory for vehicles with Brake Energy Regeneration.

BMW part number:
61 21 6 806 755
61 21 6 924 023

You might be asking the question, why are we stocking Genuine BMW batteries when there are plenty of alternatives out there?

EXPERIENCE. After many years of trailing different brands of batteries, we know that cheaper doesn’t always work out better for our client. Many running and electrical problems on BMW vehicles can be attributed to malfunctioning batteries that may even test up ok under standard test conditions.

Delve a little deeper and perform an extended discharge test while monitoring voltage but and you can see a completely different story. Voltage fluctuations and even complete failure which standard tests cannot detect.

Our battery prices include installation and coding by our specialised BMW and MINI mechanics.

We also stock batteries in 70AH, 80AH and 55AH to suit all BMW and MINI vehicles.

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Weight 35 kg