Getting your BMW serviced should be a stress free experience. Here at Stokes and Renk we specialise in BMW and Mini servicing.


One common question we get asked is what do we do in a service.

Car service is a very broad term and in the industry many different repairers have different definitions. At Stokes and Renk we have a very high standard on what we define as a service.

The following items are performed in a service:

  • Vehicle is first road tested to check for performance and operation. We then bring the vehicle into the workshop on the hoist and begin our service inspection
  • Our BMW technician will then remove the under bonnet covers and plenum chamber cover on most models. This will allow us full access to the engine bay
  • We then fully inspect all filters including the Microfilter, engine air filter, spark plugs, ignition coils, all vacuum hoses and air hoses, belts and all other under bonnet components (too many to list here)
  • With the vehicle partially and fully raised we then fully inspect the under body suspension bushes, check the transmission and differential oils, brake hoses, exhaust and all under body components not only for wear and corrosion but also for security and operation. We also drain the engine oil and check the fuel filter if fitted under body.
  • When inspecting hoses we know the detail and how to identify parts that are close to failure. Often hoses that are ready to fail (check our cooling system page for further details)
  • We then lower the vehicle and begin refilling the engine oil and checking the remaining fluids after the vehicle has cooled and replace the oil filter
  • We then degrease the engine bay, check fault codes with our Autologic BMW scan tool, check the operation of everything in the interior and road test the vehicle

After a vehicle service we always aim to provide comprehensive feedback on your vehicle in the form of our vehicle report. We often identify many problems and potential problems that you may not have even known existed. We can even recommend repairs on your vehicle or give advise based on our experience across the whole BMW and MINI range.


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