Here at Stokes and Renk BMW service Perth we are your BMW specialists. We are your German auto service specialists and nobody knows your BMW or MINI like the mechanics at Stokes and Renk. Our Subiaco mechanical workshop is fully equiped to cater to all of your BMW and MINI service needs. Some of our special tools include:


  • Autologic “Blue” scan tool. The Autologic blue scan tool is a specialist programming tool. Specifically designed for BMW and MINI vehicles only, this is our “go-to” scan tool for all our specialist needs. This tool is fully capable of performing software updates and coding on all BMW and MINI
  • Autologic “Green” scan tool. This tool contains the most up to date software for BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Porsche and AUDI. This tool is a fully fledged diagnostic tool which is designed specifically for German auto service. With wireless data transfer and full internet connectivity
  • We have a comprehensive range of specialist engine timing tools to cater to all BMW and MINI models. We can replace timing chains on all models and have the specialist tools and knowledge to do it right the first time
  • Comprehensive range of BMW and MINI clutch installation tools
  • BMW and MINI Specific wheel alignment equipment to cater to all models, including models with M Sport and dynamic drive suspension
  • Comprehensive access to BMW and MINI workshop training manuals
  • All of our BMW mechanics are kept up to date and attend specialist training courses, this not only enables us to perform repairs on your BMW or MINI to a high precision standard but also ensures efficient work procedures are followed

Some of our specialist services include: