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Is your BMW or MINI due for an oil service? 


Did you know that your engine oil is one of the most crucial maintenance items on your vehicle? Engine oil is the lifeblood of your BMW, so ensuring that it is replaced at the specified intervals is paramount. 

Why do I need to change my engine oil?. Well firstly, the engine oil is designed to provide lubrication to all engine components. This lubrication reduces friction, improves fuel economy and reduces wear on the engine. In addition, the engine oil suspends the contaminants that build up during normal engine operation and cools the internal engine components. 

Your BMW’s engine oil is specially formulated to provide optimal performance to all engine components and to enable two BMW & MINI specific technologies to operate in harmony. These technologies, Valvetronic and Vanos allow your engine to deliver class leading performance and exceptional fuel economy. 


What’s the difference between an Oil Service, Vehicle Check and a Full Service?

This is a very important question and often, can be a source of great confusion for BMW and MINI owners.

Below we have outlined the differences between the varying types of vehicle maintenance.


  • Oil Service: The engine oil and oil filter are replaced, tyre pressures checked and the vehicle computer is reset. A technician will perform a quick inspection on basic safety components only. This check is not considered a maintenance check and is very limited.

  • Vehicle Check: The vehicle has a thorough inspection, including all filters, spark plugs, full vehicle electrical system check, tyres, brakes, suspension, driveline. This is a mechanical inspection to ensure the safe, reliable operation of your vehicle. All vehicle fault codes are read out using our Autologic scan tool and any corrective measures required are bought to the clients attention.

  • Full Service: Our technicians perform a Vehicle Check and Oil Service. Our technicians will check the operation of all components on the vehicle, perform a thorough inspection for wear and possible future problems. The engine oil and oil filter will be replaced and additional items will be recommended, if required. Our technician will also lubricate any components that require lubrication including door locks, hinges, fuel door, sunroof etc. 




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