One very common question we have here at Stokes and Renk is “how do I pair my new iPhone”

This can be a confusing procedure even for the most tech savvy individuals, so we have created a short tutorial to assist with pairing mobile phones in your  BMW or MINI vehicle.


So why would you connect your iPhone or smart phone to your BMW or MINI via bluetooth anyway? For starters, you can speak using hands free on your mobile phone, access your contacts and on some vehicles even use the internet in the car. Not to mention that you will avoid nasty fines for using a mobile phone while driving and have the extra voice clarity that only the BMW bluetooth system can offer.


The tutorial below is based on the CCC navigation business or professional system and we will be uploading a video shortly. Below is an image of the CCC iDrive home screen.

BMW CCC Navigation Home Page

BMW Car Information Computer ( CCC ) Home Screen



This page is constantly under development so check back for future updates!






Bluetooth Pairing CCC


1Press the Menu button to return to the home screen. If the home screen is already visible then press down on the iDrive controller to select the information menu


2Locate the Settings menu in the upper menu title bar. Move the iDrive knob downwards to enter the settings menu. Scroll down and select Bluetooth


3From the Bluetooth Devices menu move the iDrive Knob downwards twice and select any existing telephones paired. This step is important as you will need to delete any old phones that have been paired with the vehicle. Select each phone and select remove device. Now you are ready to pair your new phone.


4From the bluetooth menu select your phone and select pair. Now create a passcode that you will remember. Any 4 digit code is suitable. If you forget the code you can simply delete your phone and begin the process again. Input the code on your iPhone and select confirm

5Now you are ready to use your phone with your BMW or MINI.