BMW and MINI Convertible Top and Sunroof Repair Specialists


Many automotive technicians cringe when they hear the word convertible top or sunroof problems. Some simply say it will be too expensive to repair or that the parts are not available, but this is often not the case. Here at Stokes and Renk we are your convertible top and sunroof repair specialists.

Our trained technicians have a wealth of experience and are able to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair your sunroof or convertible to to the highest standards. With sunroofs becoming more common in today’s BMW and MINI vehicles, Stokes and Renk have invested in training and equipment to support the growing repair requirements.

Using Genuine or OEM components that we source worldwide, Stokes and Renk are able offer a solution tailored to your BMW or MINI to get you on the road, roof open as soon as possible. With our years of experience and our Autologic diagnostic equipment, we are able to calibrate and diagnose your BMW or MINI sunroof problems.



What can I do to prolong the life of my convertible top or sunroof?


Washing your convertible top

It is recommended to wash your convertible top as you would the rest of your vehicle. We recommend to wash your convertible top and vehicle fortnightly at a minimum, more often if dirt or contaminants are building up on the paintwork. You can clean your fabric convertible top with either a soft brush or sponge and always wash your vehicle in the shade. This will help to keep your convertible top in peak condition. We also recommend to clean the rubber seals around the windows and doors and wipe with a protectant product such as vehicle exterior trim restorer suitable for rubbers


  • Always wash your convertible top in the shade, never in direct sunlight.
  • Always wash the entire convertible top at one time, don’t spot clean as this could leave rings or marks.
  • Wet your convertible top thoroughly and rinse off any loose dirt.
  • Using a sponge and bucket with car wash or convertible top cleaner, evenly wash the entire roof and then scrub lightly with a soft bristle brush.
  • For areas with hard to remove spots, spray, wash and let stand for 15-20 minutes to help soften the dirt.
  • Gently scrub with a soft bristled brush (a new leather shoe polishing brush is ideal).
  • Rinse thoroughly with water until no remaining foam or cleaner is observed.


Convertible top rear window

When cleaning your rear window we recommend to take great care as some windows are part of the convertible top fabric, rather than being replaceable. Never use any harsh cleaning agents or scrub the window with any abrasive products. We recommend to carefully clean the plastic window with a glass cleaner suitable for convertible top windows or water and a mild detergent like carwash. Chamois dry then buff off any remaining water marks.

Cleaning your sunroof drain channels

This is an important but often overlooked aspect of car cleaning. Often over time dirt and leaves build up in your sunroof drains causing water to leak into the vehicles interior. This can often cause very costly damage due to water ingress into various electrical control units, not to mention the damage to vehicle carpets an interiors. During your routine vehicle service at Stokes and Renk we ensure that we carefully clean out all drain channels and lubricate your sunroof guides, helping to promote reliable operation of your sunroof.

You can also perform inspections at home. Simply slide your sunroof to the fully open position and check the area around the perimeter of the roof frame. If you notice any leaves or dirt simply wipe it out using a clean cloth slightly dampened with water and carwash solution, being careful to not get water into the vehicles interior.


Convertible top and sunroof care summary

  • Use a clean soft bristled brush for cleaning your convertible top. A good test to determine if the brush is suitable is to rub it on the back of your hand. If you can rub the brush without scratching your skin, it’s safe to use on your soft top.
  • Don’t use a chamois or cloth to clean your convertible top as it may leave lint.
  • Don’t use a brush on the rear window as it may cause your window to become scratched. Convertible rear windows require special care and attention.
  • After you have washed your convertible top use a microfiber cloth to dry the top.
  • Your convertible top requires regular maintenance just like your paint. It is recommended to apply a convertible top protectant up to 4 times a year.
  • A lint roller can be a great way to touch up a dry convertible top and keep it looking it’s best in between regular washing