Having troubles with your BMW or Mini bluetooth system, Stokes and Renk in Subiaco are here to help. Our BMW Trained technicians will efficiently diagnose and recommend the most appropriate course of repair to get your bluetooth working as quickly as possible. We are also able to assist you with paring your new mobile phone.

Below we have outlined some of the most common ways that the bluetooth telephone system can fail or cause general operational issues with your BMW iDrive system.

  • Telephone calls dropping out and bluetooth randomly disconnecting
  • Radio or CD audio cutting in and out, this can get worse depending on temperature
  • Bluetooth working or distortion when on the phone
  • Bluetooth not connecting at all
  • SOS call system failure on the dash and iDrive displays



There are three main variants to this module each with different functionality.SOSDASHweb

The first and most basic module is the ULF which is the first generation module. The ULF provides a simple Bluetooth interface with limited phone book functionality. We can fully repair these modules and restore your Bluetooth to full working order.


The second and slightly more complex Bluetooth interface is the BMW TCU or Telematics control unit as pictured below. Used in E90/E91/E92/E93 and E70 models with I-Drive and Navigation options these units not only provide Bluetooth functionality but also include their own seperate SIM card to provide emergency SOS call functionality and remote vehicle feedback to BMW of vehicle location and service requirements. Unfortunately with increasing technology sometimes problems can occur. The Team at Stokes and Renk can repair your TCU to fully operational condition.


Also if requested Stokes and Renk can provide custom coding to remove the SOS functionality from your vehicle.


The third bluetooth control module used is the MULF 2 which is available with both bluetooth and USB interface. This module is the latest generation module used in the E Series BMW with CIC navigation. It provides both USB audio decoding and MP3 playback and is compatible with the BMW Iphone Y cable available through Stokes and Renk.