No BMW blow-outs with Run-Flat tyres
One of the most important parts of an automobile is the tyre and as BMW focuses heavily on their cars being reliable and beautiful, they certainly do not skimp in this area.

Run-Flat tyres are the recommended choice for BMWs. They are thick and made to last and have a great amount of grip to give the car easy grip and control.

As time goes on they have innovated a few of the general aspects of what makes a good tyre to try to make sure those fitted to your car are made with the utmost care and a supreme level of quality.

These tyres function perfectly in control, they are quiet, they are thick so they won’t go flat and can stand up to high temperatures even at higher speeds. These keep going even when pressure is diminishing in the tyre.

If all tyre pressure is gone, you will still remain safe and mobile.

Gone are the days of the exploding tyre and the roadside tyre change. These BMW-recommended tyres allow you to comfortably find a place to pull over and fix your tyre without having to having to skid to the side of the road.

Using a Run-Flat tyre you can even make it to the next workshop or mechanic to have your car examined.

Run-flat tyres are essentially their own spares. These tyres have reinforcing rubber material in their side walls to make them harder to pop and even come with lateral strengthening so that they will continue to function no matter what the pressure is within the tyre.

They are also made with a specific heat-resistant rubber so the additional build-up of friction heat after a puncture is not an issue.

When you use a Run-Flat tyres, no matter what BMW Series you drive, you can keep driving for up to 150km at 80km an hour, without having to suffer lack of control. Your car will function properly and easily until you make it to a tyre repair workshop.

When using these tyres you are free of the burden of having to carry that big old spare wheel in the back “just in case”. Now you can save that space for the things you enjoy.

BMW has gone a step further and integrated an advanced driving system that redistributes the car’s weight proportionately if a tyre blows out.

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