BMW & MINI Battery Replacement


Stokes and Renk Perth are your BMW and MINI Battery replacement experts! 


With technology like Brake energy regeneration, BMW Intelligent battery sensor and AGM battery technology, correct replacement procedures are required to ensure maximum battery life and vehicle reliability.


How do I know if my BMW or MINI battery requires replacement?

If your BMW or MINI exhibits any of the following symptoms, you may require a battery replacement!


  • Increased battery discharge warning error on your iDrive display

  • Do you have a red battery warning light on dash?

  • Does your clock keep resetting?

  • Does your car take longer to start than usual?



The team at Stokes and Renk specialise in BMW and MINI battery testing and replacement.

Using the latest diagnostic equipment in our Perth workshop, we can test and register the replacement of your battery to ensure optimal life and performance.

This not only ensuring that the battery is correctly charged according to it’s capacity, but to also have a digital record of battery replacement stored in the vehicles ECU, which is required for performing advanced procedures such as energy diagnosis. 


Stokes and Renk can replace your BMW or MINI battery while you wait!


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Many BMW vehicles were originally offered with a standard “wet” lead acid battery. Although cheaper to replace, “wet” batteries offer a shorter life span and inferior performance. They also provide less than optimal reliability when used in short city driving BMW battery replacementconditions. BMW vehicles from 2005 onwards are able to be coded to use the newer AGM battery which offers superior performance and service life in every aspect. There is also the option to fit a larger battery, up to 90AH in many cases which is 55% larger than the standard battery used in some vehicles. This is the recommended option for many owners looking for the ultimate in reliability or for those who often drive only short distances. Another advantage of AGM batteries is their ability to accept a high charge rate, due to their low internal resistance.




We also stock a full range of batteries to suit MINI vehicles including the MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, MINI Cooper D and MINI Countryman. For these vehicles we are also able to supply, install and code your battery within the hour to get you back on the road as quickly as possible!





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