Here at Stokes and Renk BMW and MINI service we are able to offer a full brake service package. From Standard replacement to low dust options, there is a brake package to suit every driver and every vehicle.


With all these different options it can be difficult to decide on the best brake replacement option, and we know it is a significant investment so we have outlined some of the differences below.

  • Standard replacement brakes will offer you the same consistent pedal feel, dust level and stopping performance as your factory brakes. This is the recommended option for the majority of our BMW or MINI customers and suits most braking requirements.

  • Low dust brake pads are a newly available alternative to conventional brake pads. They offer excellent stopping performance in general driving and offer greatly reduced dust on the wheels. A great option for keeping your BMW or MINI wheels cleaner for longer.

  • High performance brakes offer the ultimate in stopping performance. Late and hard braking are no issue, but they do exhibit slightly more noise and dust than conventional brakes and will require a few pedal applications from cold to obtain their ultimate stopping performance. Only recommended for the experienced driving enthusiast.


At Stokes and Renk we can perform all brake system maintenance on your BMW or MINI vehicle, using the most up-to-date service equipment. Our mechanic technicians are able to fully test the performance of your braking system and offer recommendations for future service or repair.


Don’t wait until it’s too late!!




Check our downloads links below with further information on all your brake requirements.