Are you having problems with your BMW X5 automatic power tailgate?

Does it not reach it’s full height, is slow to open or even worse, doesn’t move at all?

You open your tailgate more often than you think. Dropping the kids at school, doing the shopping, going camping or to the office. Your X5 rear tailgate features a ‘spindle drive’ system. Each rear tailgate strut has a small electric motor, hall effect devices (to provide feedback on motor position and speed) and a series of drive gears to raise and lower the rear tailgate. These gears are under extreme pressure and overtime can wear, causing failure of your rear tailgate drive. This is a common problem and the team at Stokes and Renk are here to help. With our experienced technicians, we can offer advice on the most cost-efficient repair procedure and keep most parts in stock, meaning we can get you back on the road sooner!!


Symptoms of a failing automatic power tailgate:

  • Noisy in operation, either opening or closing
  • Slow to open, gets stuck or opens then closes
  • Not reaching full height, even though you’ve set it to full height on the iDrive
  • Stiff to open, not opening at all



We offer the following services:

  • Diagnosis of your faulty rear tailgate
  • Repair or replacement of your tailgate spindle drive struts
  • Replacement or repair of the tailgate release button
  • Customise the tailgate opening height