Beautifully engineered and a pleasure to drive, a BMW will always be one of the most desirable cars on the market. Whether you drive an upmarket luxury model, a smaller family car or one of the company’s magnificent SUV’s you will no doubt be impressed by the performance, comfort and reliability of your BMW. One area of BMW ownership that demands careful consideration, however, is that of servicing and, in particular, whether or not you should use a service centre for your regular necessary service.

Why Use An Authorised Service Centre?

You may find a service centre that is independent, and that offers you a great deal. There are many about in Perth and the surrounding area, and there are some trustworthy outlets that have a great reputation and a roster of loyal customers. There are a number of things you should think about when considering a BMW service, before you opt to go the independent route. One is the age of your vehicle: if you have an older model that is out of warranty then you may choose to use the independent garage, but even then, you should take a moment to think about your service centre of choice carefully.

For a start, there’s the eventual resale value of your car: a well maintained BMW with service stamps is one that can be trusted. The buyer knows that the car has been looked after as it should have been, by people who are specialists in BMW’s. This will help keep the resale price higher. Also, by fitting genuine parts you are further adding to the continued value and performance of your car.

Further Benefits of Service centres

If you are in need of a BMW service Perth has some excellent choices, and you should also consider the following benefits; these authorised service centres have to hand the very latest BMW diagnostic and testing equipment, and will also have many years of experience in dealing with BMW models new and old.  Car engines are complex machines that come with computerised engine management systems, and the service centre will have access to the correct software for checking that all systems are working correctly. Not only does this cut down on the time needed to perform a service, but it also gives you the peace of mind of knowing your car has undergone a full and thorough all-points service.

BMW service centres use highly trained, BMW-specific technicians who are updated on the latest models and developments and the range, and who also have experience of older models. Such service centres are constantly in touch with the changing face of industry standards, and promise a level of service that surpasses these. Such levels of quality may not be met when using an independent service centre which is not dedicated to servicing only the BMW range.

So, Should You Or Should You Not Use A Service Centre?

In answer to the question in the title, the answer is certainly this: you should use a service centre for your BMW service. The benefits are too great to be ignored, with the promise of genuine factory parts, dedicated BMW diagnostic machinery, qualified technicians who are trained in dealing with all models of BMW and the all-important service centre stamps on your service book. For the best possible service, and to guarantee your BMW remains on the road for as long as possible and attains the best resale value, use a BMW service centre for all your required services.