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Auto Air Conditioning Repair BMW

BMW is known for its quality engineering and components in all departments of its range of vehicles. And the air conditioning units within BMW cars are no exception to this general rule. The air conditioning unit within every BMW vehicle works hard all year round to not only maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your passengers, but also stabilise the atmosphere of the vehicle in a few important ways.

The BMW auto air conditioning system is designed to filter out all pollen and dust, and to minimise condensation within the vehicle. BMW air conditioning really does an exceptional job of making a vehicle as pleasant as possible for yourself and passengers to spend time in.

However, to keep this quality of performance ongoing over a significant period of time requires consistent maintenance. BMW air conditioning is manufactured to the highest possible standard, but nevertheless requires a skilled technician to service it on a regular basis. And despite the fact that BMW is associated with a level of reliability that is pretty much unrivalled by any other vehicle, no air conditioning system is infallible, and sometimes drastic repairs need to be carried out.

This is where the Perth area’s most renowned BMW specialist comes into its own. At Stokes and Renk, we can carry out any maintenance or repairs to vehicle air conditioning units that your vehicle may require. Our team specialises in all manner of BMW servicing and repairs, and has collectively decades of experience at dealing with this pinnacle of German engineering.

When you entrust your car to Stokes and Renk for air-conditioning servicing or repairs, you can be confident that the work will be performed by highly-skilled and licensed technicians. We’re accredited by the national Australian Refrigeration Council and carry out all types of air-conditioning maintenance, from small repairs to large retrofits.

The BMW air conditioning system is essential to using your vehicle comfortably and efficiently. Your vehicles air conditioning system removes 80% of the particles and deposits from traffic fumes, literally improving the air quality in your vehicle so that driving becomes a more pleasant experience. Meanwhile, an evaporator in the BMW’s air conditioning units assists in regulating the air temperature before it is circulated throughout your vehicle.

While this helps to make the BMW the exceptional driving experience that it undoubtedly is, continuous use of your air conditioning helps prevent the build-up of mold and microbes inside the micro-filter. Thus, in order to keep your BMW vehicle operating at maximum efficiency and performance, it is necessary to service and maintain the micro-filters on a regular basis.

As a leading specialist in BMW technology in Western Australia, Stokes and Renk is uniquely placed to assist you with any air conditioning issues. So if you find you’re having problems with your BMW air conditioning unit, or it just needs an expert service, call Stokes and Renk on (08) 9381 1155, and we’ll soon have your BMW air conditioning back to its best.

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